This page lists the rules which apply in Outpost 2.

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One of your primary tasks as Colony Commander is to monitor your supply and usage of several key Resources. These resources are:

  • Colonists People are your most important asset. Most structures require Workers to operate them; some also require Scientists.
  • Morale Technically, this is not a resource, but keep your eye on the Morale of your colony: it can greatly affect the productivity of your Colonists.
  • Food The key to keeping your Colonists alive is to provide them with sufficient Food. Should you run out, your colony will not last long.
  • Power Just as most structures need Workers, most also need Power.
  • Common and Rare Metals Common Metals are the raw material from which all of your structures and vehicles will be built. You will have to develop the technology to process Rare Metals if you want to build more advanced structures and vehicles.

Eden Structure Factory Plymouth Structure Factory
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Your colony consists of various Structures, discussed in the following sections:

All usable in game Eden Vehicles
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Most of the actions you take will involve Vehicles, covered in the following sections:

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