All vehicles and structures have Hit Points, a measure of the amount of damage they can take before they are destroyed. Damage may come from disaster or attack. The current and maximum Hit Points a structure or vehicle has is indicated in the Status display shown in the Command Pane.

Damage can impair or prevent normal function of a unit. Structures reduced below 25 percent of their maximum Hit Points become Disabled until they are repaired. Certain structures may spontaneously explode when damaged. Damaged vehicles move more slowly in proportion to the amount of damage they have received.

Three vehicles are capable of making field repairs to other vehicles or to structures. ConVecs can fully repair structures, but cannot repair units. Eden's Repair Vehicle and Plymouth's Spiders can fully repair structures and can repair units up to one-half of their original Hit Points. Vehicles may be fully repaired by placing them in storage at a Garage. NOTE: Spiders and Scorpions can never be repaired, nor can they dock at a garage.

Example: A unit, when fully repaired, has 100 Hit Points, but was too close to an Advanced Lab when it spontaneously exploded and has taken 75 points of damage. A Spider or Repair Vehicle could repair only 25 Hit Points on this unit.

Repairs use metals. The amount of Common and Rare Metals required depends on the original cost of the unit or structure to be repaired and the amount of damage it has taken. Each Hit Point repaired costs one-half of the original cost of the unit or structure, divided by its maximum number of Hit Points. If a unit was damaged down to its last Hit Point, it would cost just less than one-half the original metals cost of the unit to fully repair it.

Example: A vehicle cost 1000 Common Metals to produce, has 1000 Hit Points, and has taken 500 points of damage. It requires 250 Common Metals to repair fully.

Repairs are made a few Hit Points at a time, and the metals are taken out of storage automatically as repairs proceed. If you run out of metals while making repairs, repairs will stop. (NOTE: Some units or structures require both Common and Rare Metals to build, and therefore require both to repair. If you run out of either while repairing such a unit or structure, repairs will stop, even though you still have the other kind of metals in storage.) You will have to tell them to start repairing again when you get more metals.

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