Most structures in a colony require Power to operate. There are four structures whose sole function is to produce Power for the colony: Tokamak Fusion Reactors, MHD Generators (available only to Plymouth), Geothermal Plants (available only to Eden), and Solar Power Arrays. In addition, a small amount of Power is generated by the Command Center. The Power generated by these structures is broadcast by microwave transmitters to each building in the colony; structures need not be physically connected to receive Power.

Most structures have Power requirements of 10-50 units. The only structure that requires more is Eden’s Meteor Defense, which requires 100 units. Power shortages may occur when you deploy a new structure or when a Power-generation structure is Disabled, Idled, or destroyed. When this happens, some structures will become Disabled until the Power demand is less than the Power supply. Structures must have the full amount of Power required to operate; there is no reduced efficiency status. To relieve Power shortages, you may either increase the Power supply by building additional Power facilities, or reduce the Power demand by Idling or dismantling unneeded structures.

The current values of all conditions are listed in the Morale report in the Command Pane. To see this report, click the Resources Reports button (third from the left), then select POWER in the list box and click the DETAILS button.

This Command Pane display informs you about the colony's Power generation facilities.

  • Power Generation Facilities shows the total number of structures in the colony capable of generating Power. These include Command Centers, Tokamaks, Geothermal Plants, MHD Generators, and Solar Power Arrays.
  • Active indicates the number of Power generation facilities that are Active.
  • Disabled shows the number of Power generation facilities that are Disabled, regardless of cause.
  • Idled shows the number of Power generation facilities you have Idled.
  • Power Generated indicates the amount of Power produced by all Power generation facilities.
  • Power Consumed is the cumulative Power usage of the colony; this includes all Active structures and all Disabled structures, excepting those Disabled because of lack of Power.
  • Unused Power shows the difference between Power Generated and Power Consumed, and allows for your future structure planning.
  • Inactive Power Capacity gives you the amount of Power that could be added if you repaired or activated existing non-Active facilities.
  • Structures Disabled/Power shows how many structures are Disabled because of a lack of Power.
  • Additional Power Needed informs you as to the amount of additional Power required to activate all structures Disabled because of lack of Power; it does not indicate how much Power would be required by Idled structures should they be activated.
  • The STRUCTURES button takes you to a list of all Power generation facilities, including Command Centers.
  • The SUMMARY button returns you to the Resources report.

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