Terrain and Movement

There are three types of vehicles in Outpost 2: wheeled, tracked, and legged. Most vehicles are wheeled. The Robo-Dozer, Earthworker, and Tiger Heavy Combat Chassis are tracked. The Spider and Scorpion are legged. Each of these types of vehicles travels at a different rate across the various kinds of terrain on New Terra.


New Terra’s six main terrain types affect the movement speeds of vehicles. Much of New Terra is desert terrain, either hard-packed, flat sand or rolling sand dunes. The desert gives way to rocky plains, some of which has been partially terraformed by Eden and contains some genetically engineered scrub brush. Finally, the volcanic regions have two kinds of lava areas: the lighter, older flows and the darker, more recent ones. Each of these terrain types has a different effect on movement speed, based on the type of vehicle moving across them. And any of these terrains may be bulldozed by a Robo-Dozer, which allows vehicles to move through them more quickly. The effects of terrain on movement are shown below.

Terrain Type Legged Wheeled Tracked
Sand Dunes Slowest Slow Slow
Rocky Plains Fast Fast Fast
Ancient Lava Normal Slow Normal
Bulldozed Fastest Fastest Fastest
Flat Sand Normal Normal Normal
Scrub Brush Fast Fast Fast
Recent Lava Slow Slowest Slowest

There are also various terrain features through which vehicles may not pass; these include cliffs, boulders, fumaroles, magma vents, craters, and volcanoes. These may not be bulldozed.

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