Labs and Research

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Outpost 2 has three types of research laboratories: the Basic, Standard, and Advanced Labs. Doing research uses the same process regardless of the type of lab. Each lab's Status display has a TOPICS button, which is available any time the lab is Active and not already doing research. Click TOPICS. The Command Pane changes to show the Topics display.

The list box in the Topics display shows all the products that your lab may currently research. (At times, there may be no topics available at a particular type of lab.) As you complete research on some topics, others may become available. Click the name of any topic to select it, then click the ASSIGN button. The Command Pane changes to show the Assign display.

The Assign display allows you to set the number of Scientists who will be assigned to this research project. Each project has a maximum number of Scientists who may be assigned. When the Assign display appears, your Savant computer will have already assigned Scientists to the project; either the maximum number of Scientists or all available Scientists if fewer than the maximum number are available. You may change this setting by clicking the LESS and MORE buttons. You must always have at least one Scientist assigned to a project. Below these buttons is a text box containing a brief description of the goals of the project. The up and down arrow buttons allow you to scroll through this text. If you decide not to research the present topic, click TOPICS to return to the Topics display. Click START to begin research on this topic.

The Command Pane will change to the lab's Status display. After a moment, a progress bar will appear in the Status display, indicating how far research has proceeded. The ASSIGN button will allow you to return to the Assign display to change the number of Scientists assigned to the project. You might add Scientists to a project when they complete work at another lab or when they are trained at a University; conversely, you might remove Scientists from a topic if they are needed to operate a structure or to work on a more important topic at another lab. The STOP button will allow you to stop research in progress. When you stop a research project in progress, all work on that topic is lost.

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