Plymouth Mission 11: Briefing


Our Eden “guests” have been convinced to contribute their efforts to our cause.

Still, it may not be enough. Our Council has made an offer to Eden to exchange our Gene Bank for more of their starship technology.

They have not replied.

Information from the Eden scientists indicates that New Terra does not have enough uncontaminated resources left to complete two starships.
We expect Eden to make a rescue attempt or perhaps attempt to steal our Gene Bank and halt our starship progress. These assets must be protected.

We must also launch more starship components into orbit and protect our Labs and Spaceport. Our latest weapons system, inspired by a chapter of Earth history, may help our defenses against Eden's advanced weaponry.

These new weapons are powerful self-destruct turrets. They will destroy any lightly armored units near them and do great damage to even heavily armored units.

But obviously they can only be used one time for each unit. A high return for a high price.

New defensive weapons projects have been proposed by our scientists as well. Explore as many of these as you can while balancing the other needs of the colony.

Our starship program must stay on schedule. Consult the Specific Objectives list for what we must do to survive.

Associated Novella Chapter: Plymouth Mission 11 - Raid

  • Keep at least 80 children alive.
  • Keep at least 48 workers alive.
  • Keep at least 32 scientists alive.
  • Research Rocket Atmospheric Re-entry System.
  • Research the Supernova Turret.
  • Have enough Evacuation Transports for your population.
  • Have 8 or more Lynx.
  • Have 6 or more Panthers.
  • Have 4 or more Tigers.
  • Place the Stasis Systems in orbit.
  • Place the Habitat Ring in orbit.
  • Place the Command Module in orbit.
  • Have 10000 units of Common Metals in storage.
  • Have 7500 units of Rare Metals in storage.
  • Have 4000 units of food in storage.

Plymouth 11 map

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