Plymouth Mission 10: Briefing


Our recent expedition to recover wreckage parts was very successful.

But it is still not enough.

Computer projections show very clearly that our current rate of production is not fast enough compared to the spreading rate of the Blight.

Eden's continued assaults are a clear sign of their refusal to negotiate a settlement. Our Council has developed a plan out of our desperation. One of our scientists has suggested we may be able to find some “help” in Eden.

We will send in a small raiding party to Eden's base under cover of darkness. Take the Cargo Trucks to their Spaceport and park them alongside the Spaceport to procure any parts of the starship that may be in storage.

Take the specially modified Evacuation Transports and “persuade” the scientists working on Eden's starship to join our efforts. They are located at two separate Advanced Labs.

Our information source has given us some idea about where they might be, but we may have to search for the Labs once we are there.

Move the Evacuation Transports next to the side of the Labs to bring the scientists out. Then return the loaded Cargo Trucks and the Evacuation Transports to the convoy's starting location.

Without these scientists our prospects are bleak. We must succeed.

The Specific Objectives list has any other information we know at this point.

Associated Novella Chapter: Plymouth Mission 10 - Exchange

  • Return both groups of scientists to the convoy starting location.
  • Return both starship parts to the convoy starting location.

Plymouth 10 Map

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