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Fractures Multiplayer Map

Outpost 2 contains a large selection of well crafted maps. Below are links to pages with details on all the maps contained in Outpost 2 and explanation of their differences. This includes all the maps from the 3 official expansions and maps created by the Outpost Universe Community.

Scenario Type Index:

Learn how to make maps: Outpost 2 Mapmaking

A wide range of single player maps are available:

  • Tutorial - Maps with associated instructions for learning the game's basic mechanics. Also includes 2 sandbox levels, one for each colony.
  • Campaign - Series of maps that must be completed sequentially. Typically each map is more difficult than the last. Technology between maps is usually retained and does not have to be researched again. The original campaigns have associated mission briefings and novella chapters to develop a rich plot alongside gameplay.
  • Colony Game - Standalone single player map. Typically, they start from a small, undeveloped colony or expedition and require the player to play through the end of a lengthy objective such as launching a starship or obtaining a substantial population.

The following are the basic types of multiplayer maps:

  • Last One Standing (LoS) - Players start with a small pre-built base and fight to the last man. This can also be played with teams (alliances).
  • Land Rush - Similar to Last One Standing except players start with an expedition of vehicles and pick a location to found their colony.
  • Space Race - Players compete to be the first one to complete a colony ship.
  • Midas - The players compete to collect the most minerals in a set amount of time. Rare metals count for more points than common metals.
  • Resource Race - Players compete to obtain a fixed goal of both common and rare metals. First to the goal wins.
  • Survival (SRV or SURV) - Players cooperatively play against external factors to launch a starship. Typically the blight and an AI opponent pressure the players. Each player cannot contribute to another player's starship, so usually one player will focus on starship construction while the others fight the AI opponent.
  • Peacekeeper AI - Some maps include a computer player strategically placed between opponents. In order for the opponents to engage each other, they must first destroy or move through the hostile AI territory. This naturally allows players extra time to build up their colonies before an engagement. Typically the AI will not directly attack the other players, but will defend itself when engaged.

Each map requires a .MAP file and a DLL file to play. The map file lays out the basic terrain and the DLL contains the scenario information. Each map file can support multiple different scenarios with each scenario having its own dll. Maps can also contain a separate tech tree file to customize the technology.

Map sizes are listed as size in tiles with horizontal first and vertical second. Some maps feature wraparound from Eastern to Western side and vice-versa. No map will allow wraparound from North to South. The largest map size is 512 x 256 tiles.

Multiplayer Scenario Index

Below is an index of all multiplayer scenarios in Outpost 2 separated by scenario type. Scenarios listed in italics are not included in the Outpost Universe Outpost 2 download and must be added to the game separately to play. See the Multiplayer and Custom scenario pages for details on each scenario.

  • 2P, LoS, Ambush Alley
  • 2P, LoS, Beach Party
  • 2P, LoS, Close Encounter
  • 2P, LoS, Great Divide
  • 2P, LoS, Labyrinth
  • 2P, LoS, Peacekeeper
  • 2P, LoS, River of Fire
  • 2P, LoS, Tog-O-War
  • 2P, LoS, Wishbone
  • 3P, LoS, Three's a Crowd
  • 4P, LoS, Battle of the Blight
  • 4P, LoS, Bomber's Big Blast
  • 4P, LoS, BoreHole
  • 4P, LoS, Bridge Defence
  • 4P, LoS, Coliseum
  • 4P, LoS, Confrontation
  • 4P, LoS, Crash Zone
  • 4P, LoS, Doomsday
  • 4P, LoS, Double Cross
  • 4P, LoS, Enter the Dragon
  • 4P, LoS, Four Mesas
  • 4P, LoS, Handprint
  • 4P, LoS, Hidden Treasure
  • 4P, LoS, Improved Pie Chart
  • 4P, LoS, La Corrida
  • 4P, LoS, Moogle Ville
  • 4P, LoS, Nostalgia
  • 4P, LoS, Olympus Mons
  • 4P, LoS, Outpost Monopoly
  • 4P, LoS, Pre-Release Demo
  • 4P, LoS, Team Handprint
  • 4P, LoS, Team La Corrida
  • 4P, LoS, The Rift
  • 4P, LoS, Unsettled Earth
  • 6P, LoS, Allied Siege
  • 6P, LoS, Around the World
  • 6P, LoS, Axen's Home
  • 6P, LoS, Earlobe
  • 6P, LoS, Pie Chart
  • 6P, LoS, Ridge & Siege Warfare
  • 6P, LoS, Root Canal
  • 6P, LoS, Scout Rush
  • 2P, Convoy, Rescue Escort
  • 2P, LR, Beach Party
  • 2P, LR, Great Divide
  • 3P, LR, Three's a Crowd
  • 4P, LR, Flood Plain
  • 4P, LR, Four Mesas
  • 4P, LR, Plains and Passes
  • 4P, LR, Rock Garden
  • 4P, LR, The Rift
  • 4P, LR, Unsettled Earth
  • 6P, LR, Around The World
  • 6P, LR, Axen's Home
  • 6P, LR, BoreHole
  • 6P, LR, Flood Plain V2
  • 6P, LR, Fractures
  • 6P, LR, PlayGround
  • 6P, LR, Root Canal
  • 6P, LR, 'The Green World'
  • 2P, SR, Close Encounter
  • 3P, SR, Biohazard
  • 3P, SR, Three's a Crowd
  • 4P, SR, Crash Zone
  • 4P, SR, Rock Garden
  • 4P, SR, The Rift
  • 6P, SR, Around the World
  • 6P, SR, Root Canal
  • 2P, Midas, Twin Valleys
  • 3P, Midas, Three's a Crowd
  • 4P, Midas, Barren Land
  • 4P, Midas, Coliseum
  • 4P, Midas, Hidden Treasure
  • 4P, Midas, The Rift
  • 2P, RR, Beach Party
  • 3P, RR, Three's a Crowd
  • 4P, RR, Crash Zone
  • 4P, RR, Double Cross
  • 4P, RR, Olympus Mons
  • 4P, RR, Rock Garden
  • 6P, RR, Axen's Home
  • 4P, SRV, Darkest Hour
  • 4P, SRV, Forsaken World
  • 4P, SURV, To the Skies or to the Grave
  • 4P, SRV, Caught in the Crossfire
  • 5P, SRV, Danger Zone
  • 5P, SRV, Forsaken World
  • 5P, SRV, Fractured Alliance
  • 6P, SRV, Judgement Day

Game Demo Scenarios

  • Demo #1: eden04.map, ademo1.dll
  • Demo #2: eden04.map, ademo2.dll
  • Demo #3: eden04.map, ademo3.dll

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