Custom Scenarios

Caught in the Crossfire Map

This page lists Outpost 2 scenarios that are reasonably mature, but are not included in the current Outpost 2 community update. These scenarios can be added to your copy of Outpost 2 and played.

Custom scenarios may not be included in the Outpost Universe community update distro for a variety of reasons. The scenarios below are all complete enough to play through. Some have bugs or may be incomplete. Some scenarios below are fully complete and are waiting until the next release to be added to the OPU distro.

For more information about Outpost 2 scenarios and maps in general, see the Outpost 2 Maps Page.

How to install a custom Scenario

Each custom scenario will have a .DLL file that contains the required compiled code. Just place this .DLL file in the root directory of your copy of Outpost 2 (the same folder that contains outpost2.exe). If a scenario has a unique technology tree, the download will come with a .TXT file that contains the new tech tree. If the scenario has a unique map, the download will also contain a .MAP file. If a .TXT and/or a .MAP file is present, place both files in the root Outpost 2 directory as well.

Sometimes the files will be compressed in the ZIP or RAR format. Most operating systems should have built in decompression ability for ZIP file. However, must operating systems will not be able to decompress a RAR file without an external program. For RAR decompression, either 7Zip (http://www.7-zip.org/) or WinRar (http://www.rarlab.com/) may be used.

I want to code my own scenario!

If you want to code your own scenario or make your own map, check out the Outpost 2 Software Development Kit (SDK).

Custom Colony Games

Created byScenario: Hooman
Map: Dynamix
Map filenamecm03.map
ScenariosScenario DLLs
Dan's DogcDanDog.dll

This quick scenario proves the existence of the animated Dan's Dog Easter Egg as discovered by Hooman. See the Outpost 2 Easter Eggs page for the download and more details.

Distant Noise Map

Created byScenarios: Flashy
Map: Dynamix
Map filenamecm03.map
Map size256 x 256
ScenariosScenario DLLs
Distant Noise Eden Sandbox (Fixed Base)CESfa04.dll
Distant Noise Eden Sandbox ALT (Land Rush)CESfl04.dll
Distant Noise Plymouth Sandbox (Fixed Base)CPSfa04.dll
Distant Noise Plymouth Sandbox ALT (Land Rush)CPSfl04.dll

Overview: Distant Noise is a set of sandbox style games with no end state. The scenarios are based on the Colony Map Eden Starship but have no end objective, allowing the player to build their colony as they see fit for as long as they wish.

These maps also allow players to script in-game events without having to program a new DLL. For a list of commands, see this forum page: http://forum.outpost2.net/index.php/topic,5480.msg79332.html#msg79332.

Download: distantnoise_-_eden-plymouth_sandbox.zip

The Mission Map

Created byAngellus
Map filenameaxenvolcanoescellfix.map
Map size512 x 256
Tech tree fileOutpost2 Multitek2.bat
Scenario DLLcmiss.dll


  • Map wraps East to West
  • Advanced AI opponent
  • Completely new technology tree
  • Ability to choose colony at start of round

Prerequisites: Requires the Multitek 2 mod.

Bugs: May include a game crashing bug (Need to verify. Bug is not related to randomized base address).

Download: http://forum.outpost2.net/index.php/topic,5067.msg74271.html#msg74271 (See post by Leviathan)

Custom Multiplayer Maps

Battle of the Blight Map

Created byonehand
Map filenamebotb-1.map
Map Size128 x 128
Map Tech Tree filenameMULTITEK.TXT
ScenariosScenario DLL
4P, LoSml4_bob.dll

Overview: A 2 or 4 player last one standing scenario. If played 4 player, there are two allied teams. No direct combat is allowed, but light towers push the blight away from one's colony allowing directing it towards the enemy.

Download: http://forum.outpost2.net/index.php/topic,5699.msg81679.html#msg81679

Confrontation Map

Created byCK9 and Mcshay
Map filenameck92v2ai.map| |Map Size|256 x 128| |Map Tech Tree filename|survtech.txt| ^Scenarios^Scenario DLL^ |4P, LoS|ml4cft.dll


  • AI Peacekeeper

Overview: A 2 vs 2 player scenario with an extensive peacekeeper AI preventing early confrontation.

Download: http://arklon.outpost2.net/mcshay/XHTML/confrontation.html

Doomsday Map

Created byMcshay
Map filenamemp409.map| |Map Size|64 x 64| ^Scenarios^Scenario DLL^ |4P, LoS|ml4dd.dll

Overview: Doomsday is a four player last one standing map. The goal is to be the person with the last structure standing. At mark 666, disasters begin to pummel the map. How long can you survive?

Download: http://arklon.outpost2.net/mcshay/XHTML/dd.html

Flood Plain Ver2 Map

Created byScenario: Mcshay
Map: Dynamix
Map filenameon402.map| |Map Size|128 x 128| |Map Tech Tree filename|MULTITEK.TXT| ^Scenarios^Scenario DLL^ |6P, Land Rush|mu6fp2.dll


  • Volcanoes

Overview: Flood Plain 2 is a 6 player land rush map. Seven volcanoes erupt and lava flows randomly expand, with breaks between spreading cycles. Paths are guaranteed to exist between all the bases if the lava completes its expansion.

Download: http://arklon.outpost2.net/mcshay/XHTML/fp2.html

Forsaken world has two variations, one map for 4 player and one map for 5 player. The 4 player variation comes standard with Outpost 2. The 5 player variation does not. See Forsaken world on the Multiplayer Map Page for details.


Created byVagabond
Map filenameOutOfTheFryingPan.map
Tech treesurvtech.txt
Map size256 x 256
ScenariosScenario DLL
4P, SURVxxx.dll

Still in development

Created byHidiot
Map filenameatwmon.map
Tech treemonoptech.txt
Map size512 x 256
ScenariosScenario DLL
4P, LoSxxx.dll

Overview: The board game Monopoly adapted for play withing an Outpost 2 scenario.

Download: Stub

Bugs: Multiple 'dice pips' are shown when the dice is rolled.

PlayGround Map

Created byScenario: Flashy
Map: ???
Map filenameaxenvolcanoescellfix.map
Map size512 x 256
ScenariosScenario DLL
6P, Land Rushmu6fl02.dll


  • Map wraps East to West
  • Blight (In only one game mode)
  • Volcano

Overview: A land rush scenario where you endlessly respawn. Includes two different game modes. One game mode allows the blight to consume the world and the other is free style combat.

Download: http://forum.outpost2.net/index.php/topic,5148.msg75141.html#msg75141

Scout Rush Map

Created bySirbomber & Mcshay
Map filenameply12.map
Tech treescouttek.txt
Map size256 x 64
ScenariosScenario DLL
6P, Land Rushml6_sr.dll

Overview: Scout Rush is a 6 player Last one Standing map that takes place on the Plymouth 12 campaign map. It is mindless fun. Build as many Scouts as possible and rush your enemies. Everything dies instantly. You can build walls with Earthworkers and Guard Posts with ConVecs. Includes some interesting disasters.

Setting resource values for a player alters the available weapons.

Download: http://arklon.outpost2.net/mcshay/XHTML/srush.html

Yukon Trail Map

Created byVagabond
Map filenameYukonTrail.map
Tech treesurvtech.txt
Map size256 x 256
ScenariosScenario DLL
4P, Coop Resource Racemr4Yuko.dll

Overview: Yukon Trail is a cooperative 4 player resource race. Players start in land rush form already allied. Enemy units attack from offscreen that progressively increase in tech level and numbers. Players must transport enough common and rare metals in truck to the rendezvous site before being overwhelmed by the AI attacks.

Download: https://github.com/Brett208/OP2MissionYukonTrail/releases

Not Documented

Notable Unfinished Scenarios

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