Outpost 2 Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Outpost Universe community has diligently maintained and extended Outpost 2 through modifying the original game and creating an API that allows adding new content. Notably, new maps can be designed, new scenarios created for new or old maps, new map tiles can be added, and technology trees can be manipulated. A listing of current maps for the game can be found in the Maps Section.

Read through the section below this index to learn the basic flow of creating a new map. Then, use this listing to explore the SDK in depth. If you have questions, the Outpost 2 forum is a great reference.

Sometimes the words maps and scenarios are used interchangeably, but they actually have different meaning when designing new scenarios for Outpost 2. Maps (.map files) represent a set of tiles and their properties that make up the terrain scenarios occur on. Scenarios, sometimes also called missions, contain the code for a specific scenario objective, triggers, disasters, and so on. Each map can be used repeatably in multiple scenarios. Each scenario using the same map will occur in the same place on New Terra but could have very different objectives and units.

Each Outpost 2 scenario requires 3 files:

  • DLL (Dynamic Link Library) File (.DLL): Contains the logic behind the scenario such as victory conditions, frequency of disasters, starting resources, etc. Each DLL file represents a single scenario. See the Programming Scenario DLLs page for more details.
  • MAP File (.MAP): Contains the terrain used on the map, associated move speed, accessibility of tiles, etc. Each map file can support multiple scenarios.
  • Technology (tech) Tree File (.TXT): A file containing the technology tree available for the scenario. Tech tree files are human readable, but must be written in a specific syntax so the game can parse the file. Each tech tree can support multiple scenarios.

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