Creating Tech Trees

Outpost 2 Tech Trees can be highly customized for individual scenarios. Each tech tree is a a .txt file that is parsed by Outpost 2 and may be used by multiple scenarios.

Outpost 2 shipped with several different tech trees. Each of these can be used on a new scenario instead of designing a new tech tree. Tech trees pre-included with Outpost 2 game distributions are often stored in .vol files. The Outpost 2 Mapmaker can be used to extract the tech trees from the vol files. The following tech trees are widely used in Outpost 2 scenarios:

  • MULTITEK - Standard tech tree for colony and multiplayer scenarios.
  • MULTITEK2 - Outpost Universe modified tech tree for colony and multiplayer scenarios.
  • survtech - Outpost Universe modified tech tree designed for survivor style multiplayer maps.
  • edentek - Eden campaign tech tree.
  • plytek - Plymouth campaign tech tree.
  • basictek - Multitek style tech tree that includes the Basic Lab research.
  • dteke - Pre-release Eden scenario tech tree. * dtekp - Pre-release Plymouth scenario tech tree. * dtek_m - Pre-release multiplayer scenario tech tree. Each technology has a name and a 5 digit number that are defined on the same line as BEGIN_TECH. The 5 digit number is used on other parts of the tech tree to identify prerequisites. It is also used by the Outpost 2 SDK when designing scenarios to identify the technology for triggers and other in game purposes. It is possible to assign the same name to multiple technology descriptions. This is used to alter the results of the technology based on the faction researching. For example, Hypnopaedia is both tech 05309 and 05310 since the time to train scientists is reduced more for Eden than for Plymouth when researched. WARNING: If you wish to modify an existing tech tree file, ensure you change the name first. Otherwise, when you modify the tech tree file, it will modify all scenarios already linked to the tech tree. ===== Tech Tree Sample Entry ===== <code> BEGINTECH “Advanced Vehicle Power Plant” 03901 CATEGORY 4 DESCRIPTION “Cargo Truck, Robo-Dozer, and Earthworker speeds improved. The new R-3000 series cool-fusion plant has been installed in all Cargo Trucks, Robo-Dozers, Earthworkers, replacing the earlier R-2000 model. This application of the High-Temperature Superconductivity technology has increased the speed of these vehicles.” TEASER “Improves Cargo Truck, Robo-Dozer, and Earthworker speeds. _ Several of the vehicle models we use are powered by the R-2000 cool-fusion plant. Our work in High-Temperature Superconductivity may be applicable to an improvement of this power plant.” IMPROVEDESC “Increased speed” REQUIRES 03402 EDENCOST 1400 PLYMOUTHCOST 1600 MAXSCIENTISTS 11 LAB 2 UNITPROP BIGTRUCK MoveSpeed 3 UNITPROP WALLTRUCK MoveSpeed 4 UNITPROP BULLDOZER MoveSpeed 4 ENDTECH </code> ===== Tech Tree Syntax ===== ==== Comments (;) ==== Semicolons (;) are used to designate comments. Place a semicolon at the beginning of a line to designate the entire line a comment. Example: <code> ; Outpost 2: Divided Destiny ; Research : Multiplayer Game </code> ==== Plymouth & Eden Cost ==== Use the keywords EDENCOST and PLYMOUTHCOST to set the amount of 'research points' required for each faction to gain the technology. Setting the cost to 0 or -1 for a faction will make the associated technology not available for them to research. ==== Technology Category ==== Use the keyword CATEGORY to place the associated technology into a category group. These categories can be used in a scenario to limit the technology available during the scenario, similar to the original Eden and Plymouth campaign scenarios. ==== Description ==== Use the keyword DESCRIPTION to add a short post-research description to what the technology does. Usually more specific than the teaser. ==== Teaser ==== Use the keyword TEASER to set a short pre-research description of what the technology may offer if researched. Usually less specific than the description. ==== Max Scientists ==== Use the MAX_SCIENTISTS keyword to set the maximum number of scientists that can concurrently research the technology. ==== Prerequisites ==== Use the keyword REQUIRES and then follow with the ID of the technology required as a prerequisite. Example: <code> REQUIRES 03402 </code> ==== LAB ==== Use the LAB keyword to set which in-game Laboratory can research the technology. ^Value^Lab^ |1|Basic Lab| |2|Standard Lab| |3|Advanced Lab| ==== IMPROVE_DESC ==== Use IMPROVE_DESC to set the phrase that will display on units affected by an upgrade provided by the associated technology. ==== UNIT_PROP ==== Use to set a new value for a property associated with a unit. UNIT_PROP may be used multiple times within a technology. Example: <code> UNITPROP BIGTRUCK Move_Speed 3 </code> ===== Property Token List ===== ^Property Token^Definition^ |Armor|Changes armor class of a unit| |BuildPoints|Amount of time it takes to build a unit (Need to verify)| |CommonRequired|Changes common ore requirement to build| |ConcussionDamage|Changes the concussion damage of a weapon turret| |HitPoints|Changes the maximum hit points of a unit| |Improved 1|Increases amount of ore from a common or rare ore mine. Increases amount of ore salvaged from a GORF. Increases Ore gained from smelting at a common or rare ore smelter. Icreases the accuracy of an observatory/Meteor Defense program| |MoveSpeed|Changes move speed of vehicle. The lower the number, the faster the vehicle moves.| |PenetrationDamage|Changes the penetration damage of a weapon turret| |PowerRequired|Changes power requirement of a structure| |ProductionCapacity|Increases the number of colonists serviced by a building. For a DIRT number of buildings serviced. For a Garage, the speed repairs are made. For a Power Plant, increases the power produced. For a MagmaWell, increases the amount or rare ore per truck load.| |ProductionRate|Changes the production rate or repair rate of a vehicle| |RareRequired|Changes the amount of rare ore required to build a unit| |RateOfFire|Changes rate of fire of a weapon turret| |SightRange|Increases the light radius around a unit. For a weapon turret, increases the distance the turret can fire.| |Storagebays|Number of storage bays in a factory or garage (Need to verify)| |StorageCapacity|Alters time required to finish training scientists at the University| |Workers_Required|Changes the number of workers required| ===== Unit Specifier ===== ^Research Tree^In Game Equivalent^ |ACID|Acid Cloud| |AGRIDOME|Agridome| |ASE|MHD Generator (Need to verify)| |BIGTANK|Tiger| |BIGTRUCK|Cargo Truck| |BULLDOZER|Robo Dozer| |CANNON|RPG Weapon Turret| |COMMAND|Command Center (Need to verify)| |CONTRUCK|Construction Vehicle (ConVec)| |DIRT|DIRT| |EMP|EMP Weapon Turret| |EMPMISSILE|EMP Missile| |FACTANDROID|Arachnid Factory| |FACTLUXURY|Consumer Goods Factory| |FACTSTRUCTURE|Structure Factory| |FACTVEHICLE|Vehicle Factory| |FOAM|Stickyfoam Weapon Turret| |FORUM|Forum| |GARAGE|Garage| |GEOTHERMAL|Geothermal Power Plant| |GORF|GORF| |LASER|Laser Weapon Turret| |LIGHTTANK|Lynx| |MAGMAWELL|Magma Well| |MEDCENTER|Medical Center| |MEDTANK|Panther| |MICROWAVE|Microwave weapon turret| |MINE|Common Ore Mine| |MINEADV|Rare Ore Mine| |MOBILEHOME|Evacuation Transport (Need to verify)| |OBSERVATORY|Observatory| |RAILGUN|Rail Gun| |RECREATION|Recreation Facility| |REPAIRTRUCK|Repair Vehicle| |RESIDENCE|Residence| |RESIDENCEE|Residence Expanded| |RESIDENCEP|Residence, Reinforced| |SCORPION|Scorpion| |SCORPIONPACK|Pack of 3 Scorpions (Need to verify)| |SCORPIONWEAPON|Energy Cannon| |SCUTTLEDESTRUCT|Self Destruct Damage (Need to verify)| |SELFDESTRUCT|Starflare Weapon Turret, Vehicle (Need to verify)| |SELFDESTRUCTADV|Supernova Weapon Turret, vehicle (Need to verify)| |TURRETDESTRUCT|Starflare Weapon Turret, Guard Post (Need to verify)| |TURRETDESTRUCTADV|Supernova Weapon Turret, Guard Post (Need to verify)| |SMELTER|Common Ore Smelter| |SMELTERADV|Rare Ore Smelter| |SPACEPORT|Spaceport| |SPAM|ESG Weapon Turret| |SPIDER|Spider| |SPIDERPACK|Pack of 3 Spiders (Need to verify)| |SURVEYOR|Robo Surveyor| |UNIVERSITY|University| |MINER|Robo Miner| |SCOUT|Scout| |THORSHAMMER|Thor's Hammer| |TOWERLIGHT|Light Tower| |TOWERGUARD|Guard Tower| |WALL|Normal Wall| |WALLMICROBE|Microbe Wall| |WALL_TRUCK|Earthworker| ===== Tech Tree Best Practices ===== Keep a changelog at the top of the tech tree so other developers can see what you have changed. Example Changelog: <code> ; Technology tree for Multiplayer mission for Outpost 2 pre-release demo. ; ; NOTE: IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE NOTIFY ALLEN MCPHEETERS OF ANY CHANGES ; TO THIS FILE. ; ; Change history ; 16 Mar 97: Created this file by modifying existing Plymouth single- ; player tech tree from demo. </code> —- - Go Back to Software Development Kit
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