Plymouth Mission 12: Briefing


The Blight has spread much too quickly. We simply cannot complete our starship before it consumes our buildings, our vehicles… and our people. The ferocity of Eden's last assault has shown they are well beyond reason.

This is our darkest hour.

The Council has reluctantly authorized our plan of last resort. Recent research has been able to convert our SULV into a ballistic missile carrying an EMP warhead. If we can launch the missile on Eden's site, we may be able to assault the Spaceport in the ensuing chaos and capture their RLV.

When the Spaceport is under the EMP effect move a Spider alongside the RLV to capture it. When our own Spaceport is active and the launch pad is empty the captured RLV will land and we can begin to use it.

This will allow us to do the final assembly of our starship, launch our supplies, and save our colonists.

To slow down any counterattack after the RLV is secured we must destroy the Spaceport and any Vehicle Factories and Garages in Eden.

One small glimmer of hope has arisen. Our scientists may have figured out a way to take more people on the starship than we originally thought. Who the passengers will be has yet to be decided.

But only if our plan works.

The Specific Objectives list shows the details of our battle plan.

This is our final hope Commander. Good luck.

Associated Novella Chapter: Plymouth Mission 12 - Breakaway

Novella Epilogue: Plymouth Epilogue

  • Capture the Eden RLV.
  • Launch Phoenix Module.
  • Launch Orbital Package.
  • Launch Sensor Package.
  • Evacuate 10000 units of Common Metals to spacecraft.
  • Evacuate 10000 units of Rare Metals to spacecraft.
  • Evacuate 10000 units of food to spacecraft.

Plymouth 12 map

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