Multitek 2

Welcome to a world where everything is familiar, yet at the same time, different…

Multitek 2 is a completely redefined tech tree for Outpost 2. A couple of scenarios have been developed for play with Multitek 2. Scenarios designed for use with the Multitek 2 tech tree require the Multitek 2 add on to work properly. When using the Multitek 2 add on, other scenarios will not play correctly. So you should consider which type of scenario you wish to play and initialize Outpost 2 appropriately. For a full list of custom scenarios, including the Multitek 2 scenarios, see Custom Scenarios.

Typically Multitek 2 is loaded through a .BAT file that initializes the mod and then opens Outpost 2.

Download: Stub

For more information on modifying tech trees, see: Creating Tech Trees.

  • The Mission by Angellus
  • Multitek2 Builder - Eden, Sandbox by Sirbomber
  • Multitek2 Builder - Plymouth, Sandbox by Sirbomber

  • Project Leader: Sirbomber
  • Implementation: Sirbomber
  • Planning: Sirbomber, Drakmar
  • Draft 1 Text: Sirbomber
  • Draft 2 Text: Kayedon (in progress)
  • Special Thanks: Arklon, Mcshay, Hooman, BlackBox, Betaray

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