Outpost 2 Add-Ons

Outpost 2 contains fanmade add-ons that include everything from new tile sets to changed game mechanics. Some game mods work through the module-loader provided by op2ext.

New game modules are loaded using op2ext. There are two different ways to load modules:

  • Console mod loader
  • Ini mod loader

Only one console mod may be loaded into Outpost 2 at a time. Multiple modules may be loaded with the ini module loader.

  • Color Mod 1 (cm1)
    • Author: sirbomber & Arklon
  • Color Mod 2 (cm2)
    • Author: sirbomber & Arklon
    • Author: sirbomber
      • Uses ART_PATH to load assets
  • NetFix (Bundled with game)
  • NetHelper (Bundled with game)
  • OP2DisasterlessMod (Ini/Console)
    • Author: Arklon
    • Source Code: SVN Repository
  • OP2GPPatch (OP2 Guard Post Patch) (Ini/Console)
    • Author: ZigZagJoe
      • Source Code: SVN Repository
  • OP2ScrollFix
    • Author: ZigZagJoe (Ini/Console)
    • Source Code: SVN Repository
  • SSUtil2 (Screenshot Utility) (Ini/Console)
    • Author: TH300
      • Source Code: SVN Repository
      • Screenshot hook for Outpost.
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