Plymouth Mission 3: Briefing


Our colony has relocated as far from the quakes and lava as our limited supplies allowed. Our scientists are baffled by the cause of these events but we may have an idea.

Satellite images of Eden have revealed shocking data. The colony appears heavily damaged with almost no signs of activity at all.

The images show unusual modifications to some structures and vehicles. We are astonished but these modifications appear to be some type of weapons.

We must find out what destroyed Eden and if the same fate awaits us. Our scientists believe with more research they can modify existing microwave power transmission technologies to provide us with some protection against Eden's weaponry.

In the meantime our current population and knowledge must be expanded to ensure our survival. The new Standard Lab will help us research useful technologies.

An active Nursery will allow us to expand our population and decrease infant mortality rates. An active University will allow us to train new workers and scientists.

Cybernetic Teleoperation research will allow us to build more vehicles and operate them remotely.

Our scientists are concerned about more seismic and volcanic effects. We also have detected unusual atmospheric changes that may produce violent electrical storms. Keep enough Evacuation Transports ready for an emergency.

Word of our situation is spreading to the colonists. They are courageous people but their morale is starting to ebb and flow. Do what you can to keep up their spirits. Morale will affect production rates at Factories, Agridomes, and Laboratories. Keeping morale high will also lower the mortality rate and increase the birth rate.

Computer projections have mapped out goals to ensure our survival. Check the Specific Objectives for this list.

Associated Novella Chapter: Plymouth Mission 3 - Revelations

  • Keep at least 32 children alive.
  • Keep at least 22 workers alive.
  • Keep at least 12 scientists alive.
  • Completely research Emergency Response Systems.
  • Completely research Health Maintenance.
  • Completely research Cybernetic Teleoperations.
  • Have 5 or more ConVecs.
  • Have enough Evacuation Transports for your population.
  • Have 1 or more Robo-Surveyors.
  • Have 5000 units of Common Metals in Cargo Trucks.
  • Have 2000 units of food in Cargo Trucks.
  • Have an Agridome kit in storage.
  • Have a Command Center kit in storage.
  • Have a Smelter kit in storage.
  • Have a Structure Factory kit in storage.
  • Have a Tokamak kit in storage.

Plymouth 3 Map

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