Plymouth Mission 2: Briefing


Our scientists have detected more unusual seismic and volcanic activity. We thought New Terra was geologically stable but apparently it is not. More eruptions and quakes are predicted soon. We do not know the cause.

Many of our people are exhausted and weak from the evacuation and food supplies are diminishing. We must establish a temporary colony here.

To survive we need to grow more food, mine ores to produce more metals, and reconstruct our basic scientific databases from the few computer records we saved in time.

More structure kits will be needed before we evacuate again as well.

Our people are determined to survive. Morale is steady for now.

Check the Specific Objectives for an exact list of what we need.

Move quickly Commander. Another eruption could happen at any time.

Associated Novella Chapter: Plymouth Mission 2 - Recovery

  • Stub
  • Keep at least 20 children alive.
  • Keep at least 14 workers alive.
  • Keep at least 6 scientists alive.
  • Reconstruct Astronomy database.
  • Reconstruct Boptronics database.
  • Reconstruct Chemistry database.
  • Reconstruct Planetary Sciences database.
  • Reconstruct Social Sciences database.
  • Have 5 or more ConVecs.
  • Have 1 or more Earthworkers.
  • Have 1 or more Robo-Miners.
  • Have 1 or more Robo-Surveyors.
  • Have enough Evacuation Transports for your population.
  • Have 6000 units of Common Metals in Cargo Trucks.
  • Have 2000 units of food in Cargo Trucks.
  • Have an Agridome kit in storage.
  • Have a Command Center kit in storage.
  • Have a Smelter kit in storage.
  • Have a Structure Factory kit in storage.
  • Have a Tokamak kit in storage.

Plymouth 2 Map

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