Eden Mission 3: Briefing


Our colony has relocated again as far away from the Blight as our limited supplies would allow. Now we must expand our research and grow our colony to survive.

The Basic Lab is no longer useful. The new Standard Lab configuration will allow us to develop new technologies with tangible results.

Cybernetic Teleoperation research will allow us to build more vehicles and remotely operate them.

An active Nursery will allow us to expand our population and decrease infant mortality rates. An active University will allow us to train new workers and scientists.

This new colony location is seismically active. This seems to be a side effect of the Blight as it spreads over New Terra. Be prepared for tremors.

The colonists will soon realize the gravity of our situation and morale may begin to fluctuate. This may affect our production rates at factories, agridomes, and laboratories. High morale will improve the birth rate and lower the mortality rate.

Do what you can to keep the colonists happy but do not forget about our other objectives.

The Blight is still a threat. We must keep sufficient Evacuation Transports ready and prepare other resources to move if we cannot stop it.

To have any hope of stopping the Blight we must learn more about it. Our scientists need some data from some of the Advanced Labs in our original colony. They believe they can make modifications to some vehicles providing temporary resistance to the effect of the Blight.

One other modification to these vehicles must be made. Before the “accident”, our Council had become very concerned about the threats from Plymouth's leaders.

To protect ourselves in the face of these hostile words our Council ordered some of our scientists to develop defensive weapons systems. Several prototypes had been developed using modified industrial lasers. The prototypes had been installed in some structures and vehicles for testing purposes.

Our scientists believe the Blight may have infected and altered the organic memories of these systems. They may perceive our expedition's return as some kind of a threat.

The vehicles we send back will need to be equipped properly to defend themselves. Research will allow us to construct our own weapon prototypes.

The Savant computers have done projections of what we will need to accomplish all of these goals. See the Specific Objectives list for this information.

Act quickly Commander. We must be ready.

Associated Novella Chapter: Eden Mission 3 - Accomplice

  • Have at least 28 children alive.
  • Have at least 22 workers alive.
  • Have at least 15 scientists alive.
  • Completely research Emergency Response Systems.
  • Completely research Health Maintenance.
  • Completely research Cybernetic Teleoperations.
  • Have 5 or more ConVecs.
  • Have 1 or more Robo-Surveyors.
  • Have enough Evacuation Transports for your population.
  • Have 5000 units of Common Metals in Cargo Trucks.
  • Have 3000 units of food in Cargo Trucks.
  • Have an Agridome kit in storage.
  • Have a Command Center kit in storage.
  • Have a Smelter kit in storage.
  • Have a Structure Factory kit in storage.
  • Have a Tokamak kit in storage.

Eden 3 Map

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