Eden Mission 11: Briefing


Our counterstrike on Plymouth is ready. The primary objective is to capture the Gene Bank.

We have information that leads us to believe it is being stored at one of Plymouth's Advanced Labs. Move the Scout to the side of each Advanced Lab and give it time to scan the structure until the Gene Bank is located.

Once the Gene Bank is found escort the specially modified Cargo Truck to the Lab. Park it on the side of the Lab to load the Gene Bank. When the Truck is loaded return it to the convoy's starting location.

The Senate has reached a decision about the rescue of the hostages as well. Some Senate members suggested that our limited resources would be wasted on trying to rescue them and that they should be left in place as valuable sources of information about what Plymouth is doing.

But after testimony of some of our top scientists it was decided that we must bring them back to finish some key components of our own starship.

After identifying their location with a Scout, send in the specially modified Evacuation Transport to pick them up by parking it at the side of the Lab. Then return them to the convoy's starting location.

Our kidnapped citizens have given us some other disturbing information. Plymouth has been working on their launch capability and modifying their SULV. But it appears they have put very little recent effort into finishing their starship.

Instead of finishing their own starship Plymouth may try to take ours. Since our Skydock has minimal defensive capabilities we must stop Plymouth's launch capability.
In addition to procuring the Gene Bank and rescuing the scientists the convoy must quickly destroy Plymouth's Spaceport and all of the Advanced Labs before they can launch their raid on our Skydock.

Plymouth refuses to negotiate. We have no choice.

Check the Specific Objectives list for more details.

Associated Novella Chapter: Eden Mission 11 - War

  • Return the captive scientists to the convoy starting location.
  • Return the Gene Bank to the convoy starting location.
  • Destroy all Advanced Labs.
  • Destroy the Spaceport.

Eden 11 Map

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