Eden Mission 1: Briefing


Something has gone horribly wrong. We must evacuate the colony immediately. All available Evacuation Transports have been filled to capacity and are ready to leave.

Our survivability projections have identified the vehicles and supplies we need to build a viable new colony.

Gather these materials and rendezvous at the mining beacon southeast of our colony. An exact list of needed materials is available in the Specific Objectives.

Hurry, Commander. Time is running out.

Associated Novella Chapter: Eden Mission 1 - Conspiracy

  • Evacuate a Basic Lab kit.
  • Evacuate a Structure Factory kit.
  • Evacuate a Tokamak kit.
  • Evacuate an Agridome kit.
  • Evacuate a Smelter kit.
  • Evacuate a Command Center kit.
  • Evacuate the Earthworker.
  • Evacuate 2 Robo-Surveyors.
  • Evacuate 2 Robo-Miners.
  • Evacuate the colonists in the 3 Evacuation Transports.
  • Evacuate 4000 units of Common Metals.
  • Evacuate 4000 units of food.
  • Move all units and their cargoes to the mining beacon southeast of our colony.

Eden 1 Map

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