This tutorial introduces you to the space program production and launch facility.

1 - Start Tutorial 12 - Spaceport

2 - Select the Cargo Truck at 45,27. Its cargo is a completed starship component.

3 - Move the cursor over the Spaceport dock at 49,24 and click. The truck will move onto the dock.

4 - Select the Spaceport.

5 - Click STORAGE.

6 - Click Storage Bay #3, or press <Alt+3>. The part will move into storage. The Spaceport and the Spaceport dock work in the same way as many of the other structures with docks. The control of the dock is not from the vehicle on the dock but by the structure.

7 - Click STATUS to return to the Spaceport Status display.

8 - Click BUILD.

9 - Double-click EDWARD Satellite to start building it. This works in the same manner as the Structure Factory and Vehicle Factory.

10 - Like the other factories, the Spaceport can build only one item at a time. When the EDWARD Satellite is completed click on BUILD.

11 - Double-click SULV to begin construction of a Single-Use Launch Vehicle. As it progresses it will begin to take shape on the Spaceport’s launch pad.

12 - When the SULV is ready, a new button will appear in the Command Pane that says LAUNCH PAD. Click it.

13 - Notice the Launch Pad display at the bottom of the Command Pane. The SULV is empty. Click on the EDWARD Satellite to load it into the rocket.

14 - The LAUNCH button is now available. Click it to send your satellite into orbit.

Tutorial End

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