This tutorial lets you practice all you have learned in previous tutorials, as well as learn some advanced colony management techniques.

1 - Start Tutorial 11 - Colony Control

2 - This map shows two Command Centers. A colony can have Command Centers in several locations, each with its own group of structures attached. Supplies and people are automatically transferred between these “bases.”

3 - Press <Home> to select your lowest numbered Command Center. This is your main base, with most of your structures connected to it.

4 - Press <Tab> to select the next Command Center, which has only a Common Ore Smelter connected to it.

5 - Press <Shift+Tab> to return to Command Center #1-01. Several structures near this Command Center are Disabled.

6 - Structures can be in three states: Active, Disabled, and Idled. A structure's current status is indicated in the Detail Pane by its Status Light. This is a small light usually located in the upper left above the structure. All structures have Status Lights on them.

7 - Green Status Lights indicate the structure is Active and operating normally. Status Lights that are off (gray) show that the structure has been Idled. Flashing Red Status Lights indicate a Disabled structure. (NOTE: The status lights on the Guard Posts will only appear if the Guard Post is Disabled or Idled.)

8 - Click on each Disabled structure in your colony. The Status line in the Command Pane will show you the specific reason why a structure is Disabled. Some are Disabled because they do not have enough Power, some have insufficient Workers or Scientists, and some are not connected to a Command Center via the Tube system.

9 - Agridome #1-02 is Disabled because it is not connected to a Command Center. Building a Tube at 48,23 would reconnect the Agridome. However, Tubes can be built only by an Earthworker and currently this colony does not have one.

10 - Select the Vehicle Factory at 45,32. Click BUILD.

11 - Double-click on the word Earthworker. The factory will begin to produce an Earthworker.

12 - When you hear the message “Vehicle Ready” (or see the message Earthworker #1-01 produced in the Status Bar), press <Spacebar>. This centers the Detail Pane on the location associated with the most recent message (received from your Savant computer) linked to a location or building.

13 - Select the Earthworker. Have it build a tube at 48,23. The Agridome is now reconnected to the Command Center.

14 - Some structures are Disabled because your colony does not have enough Workers to operate them. Children can become new Workers only if the colony has an Active University to train them as they grow older. Be patient: Children learn at their own rate so keep the University Active and wait for the Workers to become available.

15 - Until then, you can Idle unneeded structures to make the Workers operating them available for use elsewhere. Since you have already built an Earthworker, select the Vehicle Factory. Notice that it requires three workers.

16 - Click IDLE. Your Savant computer system will automatically reassign these Workers to other structures.

17 - Idling the Vehicle Factory made Workers available to Activate some of the Disabled structures but some may still lack Workers. If necessary, idle Common Ore Smelter #1-02, located near the Command Center in the lower left corner of the map. These Workers will also be reassigned.

18 - Select the Vehicle Factory and click ACTIVATE. If you do not have enough available workers, a beep sounds and the Status Bar reads INSUFFICIENT WORKERS TO ACTIVATE. You will not be able to activate this structure until you have more Workers.

19 - Check your Resources report. When the number of Workers Available and Scientists Available grows to three or more, select the Vehicle Factory.

20 - Click ACTIVATE. The Vehicle Factory is now Active. Scientists who are not occupied at a structure or in research can also be used as Workers (though this has a negative impact on Morale).

Dealing with Power Shortages

21 - Check your Resources report. When the number of Workers Available and Scientists Available grows to three or more, select Common Ore Smelter #1-02.

22 - Click ACTIVATE. A beep sounds and the Status Bar reads INSUFFICIENT POWER TO ACTIVATE. You will not be able to Activate this structure until you have more Power.

23 - Select the Structure Factory and order it to build a Tokamak structure kit.

24 - Move a ConVec to the Structure Factory's dock. When the Tokamak is completed, load it onto the ConVec, then deploy the Tokamak.

25 - When construction is finished, select the Idled smelter and click ACTIVATE. The structure is now Active.

26 - As time passes new Children will be born. If you have an Active University, some Children will become Workers ready to join the workforce. Watch the Colonists report change as births, deaths, and new Workers are reported. Remember that Workers are twice as likely as Scientists to have Children.

27 - Select the Nursery and click IDLE.

28 - Check your Communications report and watch the messages for awhile. No Children will be born while the Nursery is Idled. Active Nurseries also reduce the infant mortality rate for your colony.

29 - Activate the Nursery and watch the Communications report. Your colony is soon growing with new Children.

This is the end of Tutorial 11

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