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Agridomes are the source of Food in your colony. Under normal circumstances, they produce 40 units of food; this may vary with your colony's Morale. One unit will feed one Colonist. If your Agridomes are producing more Food than is needed to feed your Colonists, the surplus is stored in the emergency bunker beneath the Command Center. This emergency bunker has an unlimited Food storage capacity. You may load Food on Cargo Trucks by driving the truck to the loading dock at an Agridome.

Should your population exceed your colony's Food production capacity, the shortage will be made up from Food in storage, as long as supplies last. When these supplies run out, your Colonists will begin to starve to death. The current values of all conditions are listed in the Morale report in the Command Pane. To see this report, click the Resources Reports button (third from the left), then select FOOD in the list box and click the DETAILS button.

This Command Pane display informs you about the colony's Food supplies.

  • Agridomes shows the total number of Agridomes in the colony. * Active provides the number of Agridomes that are Active.
  • Disabled indicates the number of Agridomes that are Disabled, regardless of cause.
  • Idled shows the number of Agridomes you have Idled.
  • Food Produced refers to the total amount of Food produced at all Active Agridomes.
  • Food Consumed shows the amount of Food consumed by the Colonists.
  • Food in Storage indicates the total amount of Food stored in the colony.
  • Added to Storage / Taken from Storage. If Food produced exceeds Food consumed, the difference is added to storage at the colony. Should Food consumed be greater than Food produced, this line will appear in yellow letters, and will represent the amount of Food taken out of storage to make up for the shortfall.
  • Food Shortage. Should the amount of Food produced and the amount in storage be insufficient to fill the colony's needs, this line, in red text, will appear, showing the amount of the Food shortage.
  • The STRUCTURES button takes you to a list of all Agridomes. The SUMMARY button returns you to the Resources report.

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