Factories and Production

There are five factories in Outpost 2: the Structure Factory, the Vehicle Factory, the Consumer Goods Factory, the Arachnid Factory, and the Spaceport. Operation of each of these factories is similar. Each factory's Status display has a BUILD button, which is available any time the factory is Active and not already in production. (The BUILD button is not available at the Structure Factory or the Spaceport if all of the structure's storage bays are full.) Click BUILD. The Command Pane changes to show the Production display.

Structure Factory Item Screen

The list box in the Production display shows all the products that your factory has the technology to build. As additional research is completed, more products may become available at various factories. Move your cursor over the items in the list box; the Common Metals and Rare Metals cost of each item will appear in the Status Bar as your cursor moves over them. Click the name of any item to select it. If you have sufficient metals, the BUILD IT button will become active. Click BUILD IT to begin production.

Structure Factory Build Screen

The Command Pane will change to the factory's Status display. The metals cost of the product will be taken out of storage, and after a moment, a progress bar will appear in the Status display, indicating how far production has proceeded. A STOP button will appear on the Status display. Should you decide to stop production in progress, click STOP. One-half of the metals cost of the product will be returned to storage. When the product is complete, it will be placed in storage (at a Structure Factory or Spaceport) or placed adjacent to the factory (Arachnid Factory or Vehicle Factory). The wares produced by a Consumer Goods Factory are automatically distributed to your Colonists, and their Morale will begin to rise.

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