Outpost 2 Help File

Outpost 2 originally came with a HELP file (.HLP). Over time, Microsoft deprecated using this type of help file, partly for security reasons. Microsoft now encourages using HTML files instead. Getting the original help file to work on Windows 7 and above will likely require following the instructions below.

If you are looking for current help and tutorials on how to play Outpost 2, see the Outpost 2 Online Manual Page.

The Outpost 2 help files (outpost2.hlp, outpost2.cnt) can be found on the original CD in the outpost2 subfolder.

Alternatively, a near-identical copy of the entire help file can be found in the Outpost 2 post-release demo (note that the installer does not work on 64-bit Windows).

In order for the help file to be accessed from the in game prompt, it must be placed in the root directory of Outpost 2 without changing the Help file's filename.

If unable to open the help file, download and install the required Windows Help Program to open the help file from here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/917607

(note that the above may not work if you are on 8.1/10 as Microsoft appears to have removed the downloads. In that case, you can download winhlp32.msi to reinstall the help program: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/winhlp32_for_windows_10.html

After installing the Windows Help Program, you may receive an error message when attempting to open a help file. If your computer recognizes the help file came from the internet or other untrustworthy sources, you must unblock the file.

Example warning message:

Cannot display this help file. Try opening the help file again, and if you still get this message, copy the help file to a different drive, and try again.

To unblock the file, right click on the file and select Properties. Then click Unblock on the bottom right of the dialog box.

Example unblocking help file:

If the file still will not open, review the troubleshooting steps in the original Help Program download link.

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