Eden Mission 6: Briefing


We have sent a convoy of Scouts, Cargo Trucks, and armed escorts to one of the sites where part of the Conestoga fell to New Terra.

Our scientists have identified some crucial components we need to recover from this site. Finding them and returning them to our Spaceport will allow our scientists to reverse engineer the parts and expedite our new starship construction.
If the parts are not already identified then move the Scouts within scanning range of all the wreckage sites. As the parts are identified your computer display will mark their locations. Once a part is located load it in a Cargo Truck and return it to the convoy's starting point.

Satellite information has identified several Plymouth units in the area. We do not know their intent. Be prepared for any actions they might take but remember that returning the parts intact is our top priority.

Be prepared for one other threat as well-as the Blight continues to spread the atmosphere on New Terra is thickening. High winds are generating dangerous vortexes that can destroy our fragile vehicles. Keep the vehicles away from these ominous twisters.

See the Specific Objectives list for further information.

Associated Novella Chapter: Eden Mission 6 - Alliances

  • Return the 3 spacecraft parts to the convoy starting location.

Eden 6 Map

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