This tutorial introduces Scientists and the use of Laboratories and Universities.

1 - Start Tutorial 8 - Research and Scientists.

2 - Select the Standard Lab at 40,18. Remember that you can also select any Lab by clicking on the Labs report button, or pressing the <L> key and then choosing the lab you want in the list.

3 - In the Command Pane, click TOPICS. The Command Pane shows a list of topics currently available to research at this lab.

4 - Pick Cybernetic Teleoperation by clicking on it once to highlight it and then clicking ASSIGN, or by double-clicking on it.

5 - The Command Pane changes to show you information about the topic. At the top you can see how many Scientists are available in the colony to work on the project. The next line shows how many Scientists are currently assigned to this project. The third line shows the maximum number of Scientists who can work on the project.

6 - Click LESS until the Assigned To This Project shows 1.

7 - Click START at the bottom of the Command Pane to begin research.

8 - The Command Pane changes to the Status display for the selected lab. After a short time the Scientist will begin producing research points.

9 - Watch the research points increase for several updates and then click ASSIGN.

10 - Your Savant computer automatically sets the number of Scientists to the maximum available or allowed when you go to the Assign Scientists display; but the change will not go into effect until you click START.

11 - Click START.

12 - Watch the research points increase for several updates. Notice that the more scientists you put on a project the faster it will get done.

13 - You can stop the research by clicking STOP. Click STOP. The Command Pane asks you to confirm the command. Click NO.

14 - Wait until the research is completed. Click the Labs report button or press <L>.

15 - Click COMPLETED at the bottom of the Command Pane. This brings up a list of all of the completed topics. Click Cybernetic Teleoperation to select it, then click DETAILS. (You may also double-click Cybernetic Teleoperation.)

16 - The Command Pane now shows the exact outcome of the research as well as some background information. You can see the results of any research topic once it is completed this way.

17 - Labs are not the only places in your colony that need Scientists. Select the Medical Center at 36,17. The Command Pane shows that a Scientist must be on staff at this structure to keep it Activated. The Command Center and the University are among the other structures that require Scientists to operate.

18 - Press <Alt+C> to check your Colonists report and see how many Scientists you have.

19 - Select the University at 41,13. Click ASSIGN.

20 - The University's Assignment display is similar to a lab display. The top line shows how many Workers are available for training. The next line shows how many Workers are assigned to be trained as Scientists. The third line shows the largest class size the University can train at one time.

21 - Set the class size to 5 and click START.

22 - Training Scientists takes a long time. Wait until your Scientists have finished their training.

23 - Press <Alt+C>. The current total number of Scientists is the number you noted earlier minus any scientists that died plus the number that were just trained.

24 - Be careful about the balance of Workers and Scientists in your population. Scientists are the only colonists who can do research but they also cause Morale problems when asked to do labor besides research. They also do not contribute to the birth rate as much as Workers do.

This is the end of Tutorial 8

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