This tutorial introduces combat functions.

1 - Start Tutorial 4 - Combat Vehicles and Structures.

2 - Press <Tab> until you have selected Laser Lynx #1-01.

3 - The Command Pane shows the Status display for the selected Laser Lynx. In the lower half of the Command Pane are some new Command Icon buttons. Move your cursor over each of them and watch the Status Bar to see their functions.

4 - Move the cursor over the red player's Cargo Truck at 51,36. When the cursor is over an enemy target, it changes from the Move cursor to the Attack cursor.

5 - Click the enemy Cargo Truck. Your Lynx will move to within firing range and begin shooting at the Truck.

6 - After a few hits on the Cargo Truck, move your Lynx to 44,30.

7 - If the Cargo Truck has not been destroyed, de-select your Lynx and put your cursor over the truck you were just hitting. After a moment, the Unit ID indicator's Strength Bar (located above the Cargo Truck) will show you the enemy vehicle's remaining Hit Points.

8 - If you destroyed the Cargo Truck before your Lynx ceased firing, attack the other Cargo Truck. Let your Lynx shoot it once or twice, then order your Lynx to move out of range and check the Cargo Truck’s Hit Points.

Guard Post Attacks

9 - Select Laser Lynx #1-01 and move it to coordinates 43,27.

10 - Select the structure at 41,27. The Status display in the Command Pane shows that this is Laser Guard Post #1-01.

11 - A Guard Post will attack any enemy vehicle that comes within range, but you can use the ATTACK button on the Status display to target a particular enemy, or to force an attack on the ground or on a friendly vehicle.

12 - Click ATTACK and then click on your Lynx at 43,27. After the Lynx has been hit three or four times, click STOP to order the Guard Post to cease firing. The buttons for the Guard Post are different from the buttons for vehicles because the Guard Posts are structures.

13 - Select Laser Lynx #1-02. Click the middle button in the second row of Command Icon buttons. This button, which looks like a large shield with arrows coming out of it, is the Guard button. The cursor will change to the Guard cursor. Click the Command Center at 40,22. Laser Lynx #1-02 will now move to guard the Command Center. Any enemy that attacks the Command Center will be attacked by Lynx #1-02.

14 - Select Laser Lynx #1-01. Click the right-most button in the second row, just to the right of the Guard button. This button, which looks like a large shield, is the Stand Ground button. Stand Ground means the vehicle will hold its position until it is attacked. Move your cursor back into the Detail Pane, and it changes to the Stand Ground cursor. Click the ground at 41,32. The Lynx will move to 41,32 and Stand Ground.

15 - Select Laser Lynx #1-03. Click the right-most button in the top row, just above the Stand Ground button. This button, which looks like two arrows going from point to point, is the Patrol button. The Status Bar message prompts you to SET PATH TO INITIAL PATROL POINT. Click the ground at 53,22. The Status Bar then prompts you to SET PATH TO FINAL PATROL POINT. Click the ground at 50,30. The Lynx will now patrol back and forth between these two points until an enemy comes within range.

16 - Select the damaged Lynx, #1-01, and move it to 44,36. This Lynx is much slower than the other two. The more damaged a vehicle is, the more slowly it will move.

17 - Move Lynx #1-01 to 42,27, adjacent to Laser Guard Post #1-01. Click the left-most button in the second row of Command Icon buttons. This is the Attack button. You can use this button to force the Lynx to attack the ground or a friendly vehicle or structure, just like the Attack button for the Guard Post. Order the Lynx to attack the Laser Guard Post.

18 - Select the other two Lynx and order them to attack the same Guard Post. When it is finally destroyed, it will explode. When this happens, some or all of your tanks will take “splash damage.” Be careful about how close you get to heavily-damaged Guard Posts!

This is the end of Tutorial 4.

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