Spaceport and Starship Components

The spaceport is required for many missions such as Starship Colony games, Parts of the Campaign, and also in Space Rush games. If you are Plymouth, you have the option of building (after research) a weapon called the EMP Missle. If you are Eden, you have the option of building a RLV.

As with many structures such as the Agridome, you can dock a Cargo Truck to the Spaceport. This will allow you to move various things such as Satelites and Packages that are ready to be deployed into Orbit.

The types of rockets available to launch things at the Spaceport are as follows:

You can build the SULV when you research “Space Programs”. You can only launch it once, hence the name “SULV” - Single Use Launch Vehicle.


image:CommonOre.jpg - 1000 image:RareOre.jpg - 500

RLV stands for “Reusable Launch Vehicle”. You can use it as many times as necessary, and can be built after “Improved Launch Vehicle” is researched. Note: Only available to Eden


image:CommonOre.jpg - 5000 image:RareOre.jpg - 3000

The EMP Missle does not put anything in orbit, but is a weapon only available to Plymouth. Pressing the “Launch” button allows you to target the missile to a point on the map. A short time after the missile launches it will land at the specified tile and create an EMP shcokwave, disabling all vehicles within a radius of several tiles. It can be very deadly if you time it right. Many players however, get annoyed if you “spam” the rockets (launching them over and over very rapidly), and you may want to come to an agreement with your opponents about what missile tactics will be acceptable before you start a multiplayer game. Note: Only available to Plymouth


image:CommonOre.jpg - 2000 image:RareOre.jpg - 800

Although the Skydock itself is not a component of the new Starship, the Skydock represents the first step in assembling a new ship to carry our people out into the stars. It is manufactured in modular sections at the spaceport and then loaded into the cargo hold of a SULV or RLV depending on the colony. Once in space the Skydock is assembled.

The Skydock consists of a small Command Deck, crew quarters, docking ports for launch vehicles, and a hangar for storage and pre-assembly of components of the new Starship. The Skydock also has large docking arms from which the new Starship is anchored to and built off of until final assembly.

The Skydock itself is researched at the Advanced Lab, and is manufactured at the Spaceport. It requires 1200 Common Metals and 750 Rare Metals for construction.

Once the Skydock has been researched Starship Components can be researched at the Advanced Lab and Components can then be built.

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