Virus Mask

Created by Hooman

Overview: A Windows based Graphic User Interface application used to display both the virus overlay on Outpost 2 maps (the purple blight region) and the edge of darkness at nighttime. It shows the tiles along the top, and there is a clickable 4×4 region (well, two actually) where you can select which tiles are light and dark, and it'll display the results.

When determining which tile to display, it examines 4 tiles in a 2×2 setup, using 1 bit from each tile to get a 4 bit index. (There are 16 tiles in VirMask.raw). It's probably easiest to think of the actual virus display as being off by half a tile.

Instructions: N/A

Download: op2virmask.zip

Source Code: (removed defunct SVN URL)

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