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OP2 Map Imager

Created by Vagabond and Hooman


A Windows based console application that takes different sized renders of Outpost 2 maps and save files.

Designed for easy rendering of Outpost 2 maps and developed in C++. Leverages the FreeImage library ( for image manipulation.

See ReadMe.txt included with download for detailed usage instructions and version change log.

Current Version

We have switched to releasing OP2MapImager on GitHub. Go to to find the latest release, changelog, and PDB files.


Download, unzip, and follow included ReadMe.txt instructions.

OP2MapImager source code may be found at

In order to compile and use the source code, the properly formatted Outpost 2 tilesets must be unzipped in the root directory with the rest of the source code.

Outpost 2 Tilesets:

Older Versions

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