Outpost 2 Art Viewer

Created by Cynex

Overview: Outpost 2 Art Viewer is a Windows based Graphic User Interface application that allows easy viewing of all Outpost 2 graphic files and supports exporting them as bitmaps (optionally using batch save).

The download archive contains the viewer with a dll file and three info files about the structures used by the .PRT file and the .OP2 file to manage in game graphical resources.

Instructions: Select the .BMP file containing Outpost 2 art and the .PRT file. After selecting these files, artwork can be displayed as single frames or animations.

Batch save accepts commands like 'img()', 'pic()', 'frm()', 'grp()' or just numbers like '0-100, 200 300' to save the desired object type. (Be careful using batch save with multiple groups or frames as images, since they'll be split into single images which can easily end up as A LOT of files. Instead it is often sufficient to save whole frames, unless you want to use the images to rebuild the arts yourself.) It also treats all unexpected chars as whitespace.

Download: 270405_op2art_info.zip

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