Outpost Universe Git Repository

Outpost Universe on GitHub is becomming the primary repository for projects that do not directly contain the game download. Ongoing work is occurring to migrate appropriate projects from the SVN repository to the GitHub repository. You can find the GitHub site at https://github.com/OutpostUniverse.

To access and manipulate the GitHub repository, most community members either use the graphical tool TortoiseGit or via Git on the command line. Tortoise Git may be found at https://tortoisegit.org/.

For more information on the SVN repository, see: Subversion (SVN) Repository Page.

A user will typically download sections or the full repository to their computer. Then, they can periodically update their local copy of the repository with changes made to the primary online repository. When they are ready to contribute public changes to the repository, a user should commit them to the primary online repository for others to download.

To manage pushing and pulling information from the repository, typically an application that understands Git is used. There are many choices, but a lot of contributors on Outpost Universe use TortoiseGit, a free Windows shell extension. Once TortoiseGit is installed, you can right-click on folders on your computer and select the appropriate action from the context menu.

If you take turns editing files, the information below is most everything you'll need to know. If two people work concurrently on the same file, then there are a few more things you'll need to know regarding Conflicts and Merging. You can check the help file or the Git book (see below) for details on how to handle this.


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