In Game Music

All the Outpost 2's in game music tracks are stored in the single file op2.clm. This file was removed from the Outpost Universe Outpost 2 download to reduce download size. The game runs fine without the file. The file is available for download on the Outpost Universe Outpost 2 page. Simply add op2.clm to the root directory of Outpost 2 and the user will have music again.

The music tracks stored in op2.clm are stored in a format that most modern music players does not recognize. The tracks were re-encoded into MP3 and placed on the Outpost Universe Outpost 2 page for download and listening to. To see how to add specific music tracks to a scenario, see the Outpost 2 SDK Music page. This page also includes a list of all music track converted MP3 names associated to their SDK Song Enum value.

Songs in Outpost 2 are organized into an ordered loop that replays over time. A set of leadin tracks can be specified before the replaying loop occurs.

See for more information. Information in this forum post was compiled by Hooman.

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