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1) Install Microsoft Visual Studio with support for C++

NOTE: This take a while, follow [this link] and install. This is a time-consuming process.

2) Get the DLL SDK and decompress it somewhere.

3) Copy the “Multiplayer Hooville\” or “Multiplayer\” directory and rename it to the name of your future map.

Map Directory File Construct:

  • BaseData.h - - This is where you declare a lot of structures (I think of them like complex variable arrays).
  • Main.cpp - - This is where the map is initialized. It will “#include” a lot of the other files, naturally.
  • OP2Script.dsp - - This is … the developer studio project file.
  • OP2Script.dsw - - This is … the developer studio workspace file.
  • OP2Script.ncb - - This is … the non-plain text data file.
  • OP2Script.opt - - This is … a file that is generated and edited by Visual Studio.
  • OP2Script.plg - - This is … another file that is generated and edited by Visual Studio.

Terrain File

.map file - - This gets edited with the OP2Mapper program. Don't try placing buildings or units with this.

Editing Mapper

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