OP2 Archive

Created by Hooman and Vagabond

A Windows based console application that allowing viewing content, creating, editing, and extracting from Outpost 2 VOL and CLM archive files. Designed to be a one stop shop for editing archive files. Will require some familiarity with the command prompt to use properly.

CLM files store all the in game audio tracks used in game except for the main menu. OP2Archive allows packaging new audio files for use in game or extracting original game music. VOL files contain map tile sheets, game metadata and .MAP files.

We have switched to releasing OP2Archive on GitHub. Go to https://github.com/OutpostUniverse/OP2Archive/releases for the latest release, change log, and PDB file.

Download, unzip, and follow included ReadMe.txt instructions. Change log is included in ReadMe.txt.

Developed in C++. Source code may be found at https://github.com/OutpostUniverse/OP2Archive.


Platform Download Link
x86: op2archive_ver1.0.0.zip

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