Greenworld Tileset

Greenworld was the first new tileset for Outpost 2 and focuses on hills and grassland. The tileset is an adaptation from the game Total Annihilation.


Current Version 0.8

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Extract to Outpost 2 folder. Overwrite maps04.vol in directory.

Note: maps04.vol was added in 1.3.3 and contains no files so overwriting this file will not result in losing files.

grnwld0.7.rar contains: maps04.vol, ml2grn1.dll, ml4grn1.dll, ml4grn2.dll

If you would like to create maps for the Greenworld Tileset please go here.

This shows the current map list of Greenworld maps:

  • Greenhaven, 2 Player, Last One Standing, 'Greenhaven' v0.8
  • Greenhills 4 Player, Last One Standing, 'Greenhills' v0.8
  • grnwld03
  • grnwld04
  • grnwld05
  • grnwld06

A Greenworld pallet map file contains all the sections of the Greenworld tileset.

  • Download
  • Open mapper 2.0.13. Goto view > Options. Set OP2 VOL directory to the OP2 directory with the Greenworld Tileset installed in.
  • Goto manual overwite and tick 'Locate tileset' and enter maps04.vol.
  • Close mapper, reload mapper.
  • Extract the maps from the maps04.vol with the VOLExtractor.
  • Make a copy of one of the maps with the size you would like to work on for your new map.
  • Load your copy, this will become your new map.
  • Load
  • Copy and paste sections into your new map.
  • It is suggested you first cover your map in blank grass. There is a big section of grass in the pallet which will help you to do this. Keep pasting it over your map until it is full.

Note: You cant open non-greenworld maps while the mapper is loading the tileset from maps04.vol.

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Project leader: Leviathan

Tileset Converter: Leviathan Programming: Hooman, op2hacker, TH300

Map design: Leviathan

Misc Work: Leviathan, TH300, Freeza-CII

Original Tileset: Taken from Total Annihilation. Thanks to the people who made it!


  • Leviathan
  • op2hacker
  • Freeza-CII
  • ZigZagJoe
  • Stormy
  • TH300
  • Bouzip


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