Dune 2000 Tile Set

Created By: Hooman
Currently Incomplete. Addon not being maintained.

An Outpost 2 custom tile set pulled from the game strategy game Dune 2000. The tiles are properly formatted to work with Outpost 2 and includes 26 Outpost 2 compatible maps. Original work was completed by Hooman. The project is not in current development.

Missing Features or Bugs

  • Tile Set missing support for: Tubes, Walls, Bulldozed Terrain, and scorch marks.
  • Maps missing: Cell information (impassable vs not impassable terrain, etc).
  • A couple of maps may crash when scrolling over certain parts.

Download: dune2000.zip

For more details, see: http://forum.outpost2.net/index.php/topic,3968.msg61336.html#msg61336

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