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- + - //Go Back to [[op2_sdk:​software_development_kit_sdk|Outpost 2 Software Development Kit (SDK)]]//\\
-===== Debugging Custom Mission DLLs ===== +
- +
-Since we do not have access to the Outpost 2 source code or program debug database (PDB file), we cannot step through the Outpost 2 executable code or compare the stack trace with source code. However, we can still debug custom scenario DLLs. +
- +
-In order to debug your DLL, follow the required steps from previous sections to ensure a copy of all required files (mission DLL, MAP file, tech tree file, etc) are contained in the Outpost 2 root directory. Then ensure your Visual Studio project is linked to Outpost 2.  +
- +
-  - Recompile your project if needed. +
-  - Set a break point where you want to examine the code or perform whatever other debugging action. +
-  - Press Start Debugging (or hit F5). Outpost 2 should load normally. Once Outpost 2 accesses your DLL, Visual Studio should pause the program at the break point and let you examine the stack trace. +
- +
-{{ op2_sdk:​projectsettings:​breakpoint_hit_visual_studio_2015.png }} +
- +
-**Note:** //Visual Studio must have access to your scenario'​s PDB (Program Debug Database) file for debugging. The PDB file is rebuilt every time you recompile a scenario. Visual Studio will automatically find the PDB file in your project directories and copying the PDB to the Outpost 2 directory is not required.//​ +
- +
-----  +
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